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Alex On The Beach Tours reserve the right to disqualify any person as member of any trip or tour, should such person´s actions, or general demeanor and conditions impede the operation of the tour, or conflict with the right of enjoyment and /or the welfare of other members of the trip. Refunds are not extended under these circumstances.

Children under 3 years old are considered infants; those between 3 and 5 will be categorized as children and be subject to the rates established for this category. Some restrictions apply for certain tours.

Should your plans change and you are unable to make your tour/transport or need to make changes, we will work with the supplier to either accommodate you on another tour or refund your money.

The client is also responsible for any fees charged by the vendor as they have committed resources to your tour and may have more restrictive policies. The more notice you give us, the more likely we will be able to reaccommodate you.

Tours will depart daily regardless of weather unless conditions would make it unsafe so please be prepared for the possibility of rain.

For tours within Costa Rica please always make sure to carry a copy of your valid passport and your last entry stamp with you. For day and multi day trips that involve border crossing you must carry your valid passport and a copy of it with you at all times. Border crossing fees may apply.

Cancellations with 24 hours notice are not refundable.

Cancelations with less than 5 days notice will charge a 50% cancellation fee.

For the amount of time we spent on your booking plus any bank or vendor charges, as these require substantial staff and planning time.


What is the best time to visit Costa Rica?

Costa Rica can be visited at any time of year. The rainy season (called green season also) comes starting May and through November, and the dry season or summertime is from December to April. If you want to travel during Christmas or Easter, you should make reservations in advance because it is considered the peak season.

Do I need a visa and passport to enter Costa Rica?

Traveling to Costa Rica without a visa will depend on your nationality; citizens from the United States, Canada and the majority of European countries enjoy this privilege. It is necessary to have a valid passport to enter the country. You can visit the following website to check which countries need a visa to get into Costa Rica. (

What should I pack for my vacation in Costa Rica?

When traveling to Costa Rica, it is important to consider that the weather conditions vary according to the geographic area and time of the year. It is important to pack light, comfortable clothing and walking shoes. For the sunny or rainy weather it is recommended to pack waterproof garments, light jackets, raincoat and/or sun block.

Do I need any vaccinations before coming to Costa Rica?

No vaccine is needed to enter the country, except for visitors coming from South America that must have the Yellow Fever vaccine.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Major international credit cards are accepted in Costa Rica. You’ll also find ATMs throughout the country.

How does tipping services work?

In restaurants and other locales the check includes the 13% sales tax plus 10% for service. (Both are established by law), so a tip is usually not necessary as it is included in the final price. On the other hand, taxi drivers generally don’t receive a tip. If you are satisfied with the service you receive, you can tip tour guides, private drivers, hotel bellhops and chambermaids. The amount is at your discretion and absolutely voluntary.

Is it safe to drive a vehicle in this country?

You can drive with your home country license for three months. It is safe to drive in Costa Rica if you take basic measures such as driving slowly and attentively. Some streets are less than perfect, and in rural areas you may come across obstacles like pedestrians and animals.

If I had to contact my embassy in San José, where could I do it?

Any hotel or place of lodging will have the Yellow Pages; there you can find the numbers to the the international embassies and their locations.

Do I have to carry my passport at all times?

For safety reasons, it’s better to carry a copy of your passport. It is always the best to have identification in case of emergency.

How does Costa Rica’s taxi system work?

If you need a taxi, be sure to use the services of an authorized company. There are illegal taxis (known as “pirate taxis”) which generally charge well above the official rates, but you have no insurance in case of accident. Authorized taxis are red with a yellow triangle on their doors. This indicates the registration number of the taxi. Also, it is important that the vehicle have a taximeter to register the total for the service. Ask what the rate will be before using the service, as prices constantly change.

Is the water safe in Costa Rica?

The water is safe in most areas of the country; however, it is recommended to drink bottled water, especially in areas outside the Central Valley.

How can I get oriented when asking directions?

Costa Ricans do not use the avenue-and-street and number system to give directions, instead, they use reference points such as buildings, restaurants, churches or bridges, and distances are given in meters.

For example, an address might be given as: from the Church of San Francisco, 500 meters (which means 5 blocks) south and 75 East.

How much does the departure tax cost?

At the airport you have to pay a departure tax of US $26.00 per person. It can be paid in cash or credit card.

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