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Monte Verde Cloudy Rain Forest


Exploring the Breathtaking Costa Rica Rainforest: An Adventure to Remember!

I. Introduction

- Driving through Costa Rica's highway unveils a mesmerizing transformation in vegetation from northeast to southwest.

- Enthusiastic travelers are in for a treat as they journey towards the lush rainforest, passing by the charming town of Santa Elena.

II. Santa Elena: A Glimpse into Rural Life

- Overview of Santa Elena's significance as a farming hub, with plantations of sugarcane, coffee, plantains, bananas, and assorted vegetables.

- Delightful roadside cheese shops offering a taste of local flavors and hospitality.

III. Selvatura Park: A Rainforest Oasis

- Nestled 1600 meters above sea level, Selvatura Park is a haven in Costa Rica's mountainous terrain.

- Experience the thrill of walking across 8 sturdy bridges, ranging from 50 to 170 meters in length and 12 to 60 meters in altitude.

- The Treetop Walkways offer a unique perspective of the rainforest, providing a solid and comfortable journey.

- Immerse yourself in the beauty of the rainforest during the 1.5-hour bridge tour.

IV. Tour Details

- Enjoy a full-day adventure starting at 7:00 a.m. and returning to your hotel by 9:30 p.m.

- Essential items to bring include hiking shoes, comfortable clothes, raincoat, insect repellent, binoculars, a copy of your passport, and a camera.

- Inclusions: Transportation with A/C, bilingual guide, beverages, entrance to Selvatura Park's attractions, a guided tour, lunch, and the choice of canopy or bridges experience.

- Overnight option available with accommodation and additional meals, including an optional dinner.

V. Conclusion

- Embark on this unforgettable journey that promises a deep dive into Costa Rica's natural beauty and cultural richness.

- Note: A minimum of 4 participants is required for this tour, ensuring a shared adventure with fellow nature enthusiasts.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling expedition through Costa Rica's rainforest, where every moment is filled with wonder and discovery!


Price: $185 per persons, Minimum 4 persons / Available for 2 person Private $225 p.p.Also we offer packages for group of more that 20 peoples.

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